_________________________The distinguish heat insulation performance of HISG has ____________________________showed in the video.
____________________________The indoor side is apparnetly lower than outdoor side.

Discovery revealed Heat Insulation Solar Glass by introducing HISG as a "Miracle Glass". As a new material for buildings, it can insulate heat and also generate solar power. By twice reflecting sunlight on semi-conductor, the module can generate power in both sides. This great design increase power generation up to 10%.

_________________________The electricity which generated by HISG, is able to sold ____________________________back to local electric companies.
____________________________The sale price is around 24 yen/1kWh in Japan.

Energy saving is a world-trend movement in nowable days.
HISG is the perfect material for energy saving buildings.
  You can save a bounch at your electricity bill by simply apply HISG in your house, even recover the cost in just few years.
The educational series《呼叫妙博士》produced by Da Ai TV, always showing new technologies by two little hosts. The testing house in the video contains three major features: heat insulation, energy insulation and highky see-through. In summer time, the indoor temperature could be 8 degrees lower then outdoor environment.That's amazing!